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The Salani Charitable Trust was established in 2014 with the design to help the village of Salani grow and push for beneficial opportunities. After meeting with the village high chief and members of the Fono we will come up with projects that we both agree will be of a beneficial nature to either the scholastic enrichment of the village youth, or environmental measures to help with the village's impact on the local and surrounding environment. After a project has been selected it will be displayed below as well as on the Salani Surf Resort facebook page.

The information will be provided on this page as well as a goal thermometer which will display how close we are to the completion of the funds needed to begin the project.

After the project has begun we will keep status updates to our Salani Surf Resort Facebook page


Just simply email us and we will provide the bank details for direct TT or a secure form to fill out for credit card options. Guests can also donate with cash or credit while they are checking out. Donors will receive a sticker and a thank you email to confirm their donation. Donors who donate over $300AUD will receive a salani surf resort t-shirt,sticker and beer coozie. Donors who donate over $1000AUD will receive a small plaque on the project that the money was designated for.

First Project for 2015:

Salani Village Natural Spring Beautification and Environment Project

This first project has been a request from the village for sometime, it is to fix up the local swimming hole and water supply. Many people gather their water from the fresh spring run off, as well as bath,do laundry and play. However in the last 10 years or so it has fallen into ill repair. Our first project will be to fix the spring and in doing so we will build it with a more environmentally friendly plan. The second stage of this project will be to purchase several 44 gallon drum which we will cut and make rubbish bins for the surrounding village, in hopes to keep trash out of the ocean.

Please feel free to contact us for more details, we will also post photos along the way.

Chris Donato